Will and Estate Planning

Enjoy peace of mind by protecting and distributing your assets.

Enjoy peace of mind by protecting and distributing your assets.

Estate Planning is a process of ensuring that the properties you leave for your loved one goes to those whom you want to receive it. In essence, it is ensuring that both your assets and loved ones are in good hands if you pass away or in the event that you are incapacitated.

Do you think estate planning is only for the wealthy? If you possess any asset such as house, investments, bank accounts and other personal belongings that are of value, then, it applies to you as well.

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Lawyer:  Jason M. Jones

Possible Situations

  1. You seek to preserve the family wealth that you or the generations before you worked hard to build;
  2. You wish to take care of your loved ones even when you are gone and protect your rightful heirs (especially minors);
  3. You want the best college education for your children or grandchildren;
  4. You want to reduce expenses by exploring probate aversion techniques;
  5. You wish to draft a living will where you can include instructions for immediate needs such as shelter, long-term care in the event of a critical illness and disability; or in case of retirement, disability or death, the transfer of businesses that you own will be initiated.

Here’s what we can help with depending on your individual circumstance and preferences. 

  1. Drafting your Last Will and Testament;
  2. Setting up trust accounts in the names of your beneficiaries;
  3. Nominating a guardian for minor beneficiaries;
  4. Appointing the right executor of the estate to oversee the terms of the will;
  5. Naming and updating of beneficiaries on life insurance plans, IRAs and 401ks;
  6. Setting up durable power of attorney to direct other assets and investments; and
  7. Setting up a funeral arrangement.

We understand that estate planning is a laborious task without proper guidance but we are committed to serve you, and work closely with you to determine your optimal estate structure and ensure the protection of your assets and your loved ones.

Moreover, we can guide you as you explore ways in devising well-structured trusts that allow your assets to be conveyed outside the normal probate process.


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