Non-Profit Organization Creation and Counsel

Make an Impact with us!

Make an Impact with us!

Serving communities and non-profit organizations is one of the passions of Attorney Jones making this particular practice area close to his heart.

Let us help you create your dream non-profit organization with compassion and practical counseling. We also wish for you to start right, benefit others, pursue the organization’s purpose and make a significant impact to the community.

Practice Area: Non-Profit Organization Creation and Counsel
Lawyer:  Jason M. Jones

We can help you:

  • Lay-out the plans and purpose of your organization during the consultation. It is a wise move to seek guidance for a smoother kick-off of your non-profit venture.
  • Prepare and secure necessary documents,
  • Create your core team
  • Overcome issues with IRS and state law rules governing tax exempt entities and nonprofit corporate issues

JMJ Law Firm, LLC is an excellent firm that treats you as an esteemed partner.

Create a non-profit organization smoothly with the expert direction of a committed and trustworthy lawyer. Forming a strong and law-abiding non-profit organization doesn’t have to be tough.

Allow us to shepherd you in every step so you will stay on the right track. Let us partner in making this world a better place to live in.


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