Reduce stress, time and confusion

Reduce stress, time and confusion

Probate is a legal process in which a will of a deceased person is reviewed to determine its validity and authenticity. It is also the general administration of the will of a deceased person or the estate of a deceased person who left no will.

The death of a loved one can be tragic and difficult. You mourn and at the same time deal with the estate of the one who passed. You worry about how to pay their bills and/or who gets which asset(s). Aside from that, legal problems may also arise to complicate issues.

The JMJ Law Firm, LLC can provide guidance as you probate the estate of your loved one.

Practice Area:   Probate
Lawyer:  Jason M. Jones

Either way, we understand your need for a probate lawyer so you can navigate the seemingly complex probate process and ensure that the assets are properly handled.

From the filing of necessary petitions, securing essential documents and the estate’s property, dealing with creditors of the estate to the distribution of remaining assets and finally closing the estate, we can provide guidance.


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